NCIS Reddit Picks The Best Season Finale, And We Couldn’t Agree More

NCIS has run for 20 seasons, which is something.

At some point, it becomes understandably challenging to set new goals and surprise fans, but the iconic procedural still got it: at least judging by its enthusiastic subreddit.

It’s generally difficult for fans to agree on anything, but one thing seems certain: pretty much everyone in the NCIS fandom thinks that a certain season finale was just top-notch, the best of the best, chef’s kiss, or whatever you want to call it.

Turns out, that golden standard season finale is the ending of the ninth season, the 24th episode titled Till Death Do Us Part.

First of all, the very concept of Jimmy Palmer’s wedding being threatened by terrorism is already tense enough; but the way the show took every single opportunity to make it as fascinating as possible was just remarkable.

According to fans, season 9 as a whole was “peak NCIS.” Of course, the intense finale was the icing on the cake, but every other arc was just as exciting.


Tony defying orders to clear his father’s name? Abby learning more about her family during her medical tests for kidney donation? Finally, that Ducky cliffhanger?

And don’t forget Jamie Lee Curtis as Samantha Ryan. She single-handedly gave everyone a lesson in how to steal the show by being a guest star.

It’s remarkable that fans generally tend to rank the finales of earlier NCIS seasons higher, with the most recent seasons not enjoying as much love.

Well, season 20 has everything to prove them wrong, even though it is currently on (yet another) hiatus, with a new episode scheduled for May 1.


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