NCIS: Sydney Season 1, Episode 5 Release Details And Everything We Know

NCIS: Sydney has a new episode this week that puts one team member in a dangerous hostage situation! See a preview here!

The new NCIS spin-off has been building itself up in some nice excitement over the last few episodes. The last one had the team investigating the death of a Navy petty officer. Clues led to a Navy deserter who’d fled in 1971.

They found the deserter, Doherty, who confessed to killing the sailor for blackmailing him over his past. It looked like an open-and-shut case, but Mackey and Dempsey had doubts as Doherty was in no physical condition to shoot a gun.

It turned out the dead sailor had been trying to return medals lost by veterans and someone else killed him. Doherty kept silent as the extortion threatened Doherty’s love, Koo. Baker had been trying to help him and got killed for it. Mackey shared with Doherty her own experience in combat to bond with Doherty.

The team found the real extortion before Koo could kill him. Thanks to a loophole, Doherty and Koo got married, and Doherty did not face charges of desertion after all. So, a happy ending all around…except Doc seemed distracted during the case.


That sets up this week’s episode, which should be intriguing.

NCIS: Sydney Season 1, Episode 5 preview

“Doggiecino Day Afternoon” has the team called in when Doc Roy is caught in a hostage situation at his local dog cafe. That may explain some of Doc’s distractions even as the team has to race to save him.

The team races to save one of their own when Doc Roy (William McInnes) and his dog are involved in a hostage situation at their local dog cafe,

It’s likely the unit has some problems with the local cops and the question of just who the perpetrator is and what they want. It should be a great spotlight on Doc, who’s become a nice face on the show as the quirky medical examiner and provide NCIS: Sydney a good episode to lead into a holiday break.


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