New Netflix Data Gives A Lot Of Confidence For Bridgerton Season 8… In 2034?!

Netflix’s new data gives Bridgerton a lot of confidence for a potential season 8, which would premiere in 2034. Each season of Bridgerton sets records. Season 1 viewer records made Bridgerton Netflix’s biggest show. Bridgerton season 2 broke viewership records again for the most viewed show on Netflix within the first week. Finally, Bridgerton season 3 part 1 broke its own record with 165.2 million hours logged globally. Bridgerton season 3 has even landed on Netflix’s all-time list, and it has not even been three months since it premiered.

Each Bridgerton sibling has a different personality with their own unique love story to tell, so it makes sense that each season continues to break records—the love stories are all vastly different. A few of them are not even predominantly set in the ton, Bridgerton’s high society. It is safe to say that Bridgerton is one of Netflix’s most successful shows. Although Bridgerton is only renewed through season 4 right now, this new data means that it is very likely that Bridgerton will get all eight seasons for the eight books.

Bridgerton’s Continued Success Should Mean Its Eight-Season Plan Happens
All Eight Bridgerton Books Should Get Their Stories On Screen

If Bridgerton continues to do well, chances are Netflix will renew the show past season 4 and likely give Bridgert on all eight seasons the show would need to tell the complete story. It is highly unusual for a Netflix original show to have eight seasons—only three Netflix dramas have six or more seasons. However, Bridgerton has always been different. It is based on Julia Quinn’s book series, and since there are eight Bridgerton siblings, there are eight love stories. Therefore, with Bridgerton’s continued success, chances are this show will become another one of Netflix’s exceptions and get all eight seasons.


Why Bridgerton Season 8 May Not Happen Until 2034
Bridgerton Has 1 Season Every Two Years

Although Bridgerton is successful, the show has one frustrating aspect: there is only one season every two years. At first, the gap between seasons was not long—Bridgerton season 1 premiered in December 2020, while season 2 premiered in March 2022. However, the gap between Bridgerton season 2 and season 3 was over two years, which is a much longer time frame. Furthermore, showrunner Jess Brownell has addressed the Bridgerton season 4 release timeline and said it will be two years before the premiere. If the show follows this pattern, Bridgerton season 8 will premiere in 2034 —16 years after the show began.

While Bridgerton is immensely popular now, it might not always be that way forever—audiences might lose interest if they do not pick up the pace.

Bridgerton needs to pick up the pace and minimize the time between seasons. The show has an ensemble cast, and the actors all have other projects, but network television used to have 22 episodes every year. Bridgerton can speed up its process, considering that most of television history has produced content at a much faster rate. While Bridgerton is immensely popular now, it might not always be that way forever—audiences might lose interest if the show does not pick up the pace.

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