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Nikolas Shocks Ava With More Than Just Returning From The Dead

Does this mean Nikolas Cassadine is here to stay?

The General Hospital recap for Wednesday, January 3, 2024, features Ava getting a huge shock when Nikolas resurfaced at her gallery.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

Also in this episode, Sonny and Nina had it out and Willow tore into Michael. A picture by Laura and a newly installed social media app gave Tracy insight into Scott’s advances. Additionally, Carly broke as she processed the news of Bobbie’s death and her mother’s friends grieved together. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

The Dark Prince Returned

Ava (Maura West) spent her New Year’s Eve at the gallery looking at new art. It didn’t stay that way long, though. No sooner had her assistant left than she got a massive surprise. Nikolas (Adam Huss) stalked through the door and covered her mouth so she couldn’t scream.

Of course, once that hand was off her mouth, she had a whole lot to say. She laid into him about his cheating, his lying, his leaving, and accused him of killing Austin. Much to her relief, no, he didn’t kill the doc. However, he was back because he heard Austin had died.

The pair commiserated over being played by Austin and his cohorts. This led to a heated discussion about the pair being played by Ryan and Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) too. Nik even tried to blame his tryst with the young lady on Esme’s manipulations. That didn’t fly with Ava, though.

Nik tried to reel the anger back by claiming he loved Ava then and still loves her now. Ava admitted she did too. But, this wasn’t a good love. This was a sick, twisted, demented love that shouldn’t have been and should never be. But Nikolas had an idea — they should team up to make Esme pay.

Devastating Realities

Meanwhile, truth bomb after truth bomb dropped at the Savoy. Nina (Cynthia Watros) admitted everything but tried to claim this wasn’t just about spite. Yes, Carly (Laura Wright) hurt her by keeping Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) a secret. Yes, they have bad blood. But, also yes, Carly and Drew (Cameron Mathison) committed a crime.

Sonny was furious. Adding to his anger was Nina dragging Ned (Wally Kurth) and Michael (Chad Duell) into her mess. Speaking of that…Willow demanded to know how long Michael knew and when she found out he had been lying to her for months, she lost it.

Willow stormed off with Michael trailing close behind. Once outside, Willow tore into him. How dare he hide this from her? Oh, like she hid her cancer? (Yes, he went there, and oh boy, did he regret it).


Back inside, Sonny was too disgusted to even look at Nina and suggested she do the right thing and apologize to Carly…NOW. When Nina balked, Sonny walked out on her.

As for Carly, she struggled to come to terms with Bobbie’s (Jacklyn Zeman) death. Drew (Cameron Mathison) called Lucas for her and shared the news. Then, he took to Carly’s side and did all he could to comfort her. Understandably, Carly was a mess.

Carly cried as she reminisced about taking the Spencer last name. She recalled the last time she spoke to her mom. And, she worried about Bobbie flying home all alone. She even talked about all her regrets. Drew talked her through it all.

Poor Carly barely got a break from her tears when a knock at the door interrupted her grief. It was Nina…and she didn’t look too happy.

Sad News And Timely Coincidences

Meanwhile, Laura (Genie Francis) and Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) had drinks with Martin (Michael E. Knight) to ring in the new year. Lucy (Lynn Herring) and Scott were at Cafe Cherie too, but they stayed at the bar and talked about his seduction plan. To his credit, Scott was trying. He just wasn’t sure it was working.

Before Martin took his leave, Laura snagged a selfie with him and Kevin (which happened to include Lucy and Scott in the background). She promptly posted it. Then, she got the call from Lucas about Bobbie.

Laura told the rest of the crew about their friend’s fate. The foursome sat together and remembered Bobbie and all the best of times with her. They’re surely going to miss her.

Over at the Quartermaine mansion, Brook Lynn couldn’t help tease her grandma about her flirty texts with Scott (Kin Shriner). Tracy was pretty mortified at first but once Chase (Josh Swickard) arrived, the three agreed it was time for Tracy to get out there again.

Brook Lynn even tried to help Tracy’s social life by installing Instagram on her phone. Tracy scrolled through the app and was amused to find Laura’s picture. And, even more amused to see Scott sitting with Lucy in the background. “Gotcha,” she said to herself.


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