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She Disappeared From Blue Bloods After Just 1 Episode: See Marlene Lawston Now At 25

Marlene Lawston is a former American child actress. She is best known for her roles in the films Flightplan and Dan in Real Life.

Lawston also appeared in the pilot episode of the popular police drama Blue Bloods, where she played Nicky Reagan-Boyle, the granddaughter of Tom Selleck ‘s character, Frank Reagan… only to never be seen again on any kind of screen.

In her brief appearance, Lawston’s portrayal of Nicky Reagan hinted at a promising future for her career in acting. However, after just one episode, her character was recast, and Lawston’s name disappeared from the show’s credits.

This left many of her fans wondering what happened to her and why she left the spotlight. Her role went to Sami Gayle, and her disappearance really befuddled the audience.

It is not entirely uncommon for TV roles to be recast after the pilot episode, and Lawston’s future in the industry remained promising.

But it appears that Lawston had different plans. Her IMDb page lists Blue Bloods as her last acting role, and she has since disappeared from the public eye.

Her Instagram account is closed, and she doesn’t seem to keen on sharing personal information on social media.


Well, there is a surprising twist: the 25-year-old has transitioned from acting to pursuing a career in medicine. She currently attends the University of Rochester’s School of Medicine and Dentistry, where she is focusing on obtaining her M.D.

Lawston’s decision to step away from the entertainment industry and focus on her academic career shows that she is a highly intelligent and admirable young woman.

She has been the recipient of several prestigious scholarships, including the NIH Oxford-Cambridge scholarship, which is highly competitive, and allows recipients to complete their MD and Ph.D. jointly at the National Institutes of Health and either Oxford or Cambridge.

You can see how she looks today on her student profile.

Although Lawston has left the public eye in terms of her career in acting, it is clear that she is thriving in her career as a doctor.

With her intelligence and dedication to her studies, she is a woman we can expect great things from in the future!


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