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Should Esme Prince Go to Jail On General Hospital?

Will Trina and Spencer live happily ever after on GH?

Esme Prince has undoubtedly committed numerous crimes on General Hospital. We’re not even counting all the stunts she pulled while working with Ryan. We’re focused on her framing Trina for releasing Joss and Cam’s sex video.

General Hospital Polling

Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) hasn’t paid for any of it. Because she claims not to remember any of it. But does she still deserve to go to prison — amnesia or no amnesia?

Esme Prince Is Innocent Until Remembered Guilty

Less than 4% of the audience think Esme should not be punished for something she can’t recall doing. She is truly horrified by the person she used to be, and she’s trying her best to straighten up, fly right, and take care of her adorable baby. Who would benefit from her going to jail? Well, Trina (Tabyana Ali), maybe.

The Needs of the Child

Trina and Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) may be happier with Esme getting sent to the big house, but 34% of you are more worried about Ace. He loves his mommy. He doesn’t know anything about her other than that she’s Mommy, and he needs her.


If Esme disappeared, Ace would truly suffer. Spencer might not care, but we suspect Trina would. And she’s too decent of a person to do that to an innocent little boy. Especially after what she just went through herself with Taggart (Réal Andrews) and Curtis (Donnell Turner).

Esme Prince: Throw Away the Key

Nah, 62% of voters counter, we — how to put this gently? — don’t care. We don’t care about Ace. We don’t even particularly care about Esme. We just want Esme — and, preferably, Ace — away from Spencer. So that he can focus on Trina. Like he should have been doing all along. Esme is a bad person, and bad people deserve punishment. What kind of a place would Port Charles be if that weren’t the case for everyone equally?


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