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Should Jordan Ashford And Taggert Hook Up On General Hospital?

Is this a GH pairing destined to anger the maximum number of relatives?

Taggert has just had a major shock on General Hospital. He’s been forced to face that he is not Trina’s biological father. Jordan Ashford, meanwhile, has been whiplashed, first by Curtis kissing her…then going back to his wife, and second by learning that her one-night-stand, Zeke, is Portia’s little brother.

General Hospital Polling

So both Jordan (Tanisha Harper) and Taggert (Réal Andrews) are at loose ends. Should they turn to each other for comfort? Here’s what viewers had to say about the potential new couple in Port Charles.

Jordan Ashford: General Hospital Triangle Time

Heck, yeah, 23% cheer. It’s about time Jordan got to be at the center of a triangle, and Zeke (Gavin Houston) and Taggert are the perfect right angles. Not only does Jordan deserve to be the belle of the ball she is, but Portia (Brook Kerr) is likely to be mighty peeved at her rival being beloved by her brother and her ex-husband.

GH: Past Time

This should have happened ages ago, 28% of you would like to point out. The minute Curtis (Donnell Turner) dumped Jordan and went after Portia, Jordan should have automatically retaliated by rebounding to Taggert. After all, her helping him fake his death for professional reasons was what led to Curtis’s tantrum, accusing her of lying to him, and stomping out in a huff. They were meant to be.


General Hospital: Good Guy

Taggert has too much baggage, 49% dismiss. He’s in a lot of pain about Trina (Tabyana Ali), and Jordan does not need to be playing nursemaid right now. We feel for Taggert. We really do. But we’re not about to sacrifice Jordan’s happiness for him.

Zeke seems a lot more chill and uncomplicated. Sure, he’s Portia’s brother, which is a bit of a wrinkle but not something that can’t be overcome. Stick with him. He makes you smile. And Portia frown. Which is what’s known as a win-win.


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