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The Real Me: Should Trina Robinson Take A Paternity Test On General Hospital?

Is it time for Curtis Ashford to find out the truth on GH?

We are fully sympathetic to Trina Robinson and her General Hospital situation. She’s spent time in Greenland, trying to protect an innocent baby, wondering if her boyfriend is dead, and saving the world. She’s had more on her mind than the question she left behind in Port Charles: Whether Taggert or Curtis is her biological father.

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But now the baby is safe, Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) is alive, and the world can continue destroying itself on its own timeline. Trina (Tabyana Ali) has decided she finally wants to know who is her biological father — but should she find out?

GH: Father Figure

Biology doesn’t matter, 3% insist. Taggart (Réal Andrews) is Trina’s real dad, full stop. We assume he was very worried about her recent misadventure. Even if he had to do it off-screen. Trina thinks of him as her father, Taggart thinks of her as his daughter, and that’s all anybody needs to know.

General Hospital: It’s Not About You, Trina Robinson


Who cares about Trina’s trauma, 21% shrug. This isn’t about her. This is about manly men doing manly men posturing. Is it Taggart, or is it Curtis (Donnell Turner)? This is about who will win and who will lose. And who will get to yell at Portia (Brook Kerr) next?

Trina Robinson: Right To Know

This is absolutely about Trina, 76% counter, and about her right to know who her biological father is. It’s not about who’s her dad. It’s about her medical history and dating possibilities, and, let’s be honest, it’s about putting her mind at ease.

Well, OK, it’s about putting our minds at ease. We’ve been dealing with this much longer than Trina, and we deserve to know. Portia has been lying for 20 years. But to whom has she been lying? Trina is just one piece of this puzzle. Our needs make up the rest.


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