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The Showrunners Of ‘Blue Bloods’ Suggest Commissioner Reagan Is Ready To Retire – Is Tom Selleck Leaving..?

Some shows could continue if the main character is k1ll3d off. Game of Thrones demonstrated this better than anyone else. But, if Tom Selleck leaves the series, will Blue Bloods survive? This isn’t the first time fans have expressed concern about him jumping ship and landing a role on a new TV show. With this show having been on for so long, some fans are concerned that Tom’s character has outlived its usefulness.

Tom plays Commissioner Frank Reagan, the patriarch of the Reagan family, who have all chosen careers in law enforcement. He’s not the nicest guy, and he’s faced public criticism as a cop in the past, but can you imagine Blue Bloods without one of the Reagan family members who has been with the show since the beginning?

Is Tom Selleck departing from ‘Blue Bloods’?

Season 12 of Blue Bloods returns to CBS on October 1, and a teaser for the premiere suggests that Frank is about to retire as his relationship (or lack thereof) with Mayor Peter Chase (Dylan Walsh) reaches a breaking point. The two disagree on how the NYPD should handle violent cr1mes, which are becoming increasingly problematic.

Executive producer Kevin Wade teased that Frank is a “guy who’s seen it all, done it all, and [questions] does he really want to anymore” ahead of the fall premiere. It’s clear that the commissioner will have to make some decisions in Season 12, but fans shouldn’t expect to say goodbye to the actor anytime soon.

Despite rumors of his departure, Tom insists that Commissioner Reagan is not leaving anytime soon. And we have a feeling he’s telling the truth.


Tom spoke to People in May 2020 about his future on Blue Bloods. He talked about how close he was to his co-stars and the show in general. He also discussed how he believes Blue Bloods has evolved over time and how, 11 years later, it is more than just a character-driven show. As a result, he doesn’t see an end in sight.

“I don’t believe there is an endpoint,” Tom told the publication. “I believe there is a lot of life in the show as long as you allow your characters to grow and mature.”

If that’s the case, he’s unlikely to leave the series anytime soon, as long as it continues to perform as well as it has in recent years.

Tom Selleck’s net worth reflects his successful career.

Tom was on Magnum P.I. before Blue Bloods, so he knows a thing or two about catching TV bad guys. But, in general, he knows a lot about being an actor. Tom, who is 76 years old, has been in the business for decades.

As a result, his net worth is estimated at $45 million. In addition to Blue Bloods, he has recently worked on several Jesse Stone cr1me drama films for CBS and Hallmark. Clearly, there’s no stopping him.


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