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This Big Brother Alum Contacted FBI After Kids’ Lives Were Threatened By “Toxic” Fans

A former Big Brother houseguest reveals a threat made against their children, and if this would stop them from competing in a future season.

Big Brother 23 houseguest Brandon “Frenchie” French is revealing a threat against his children that prompted him to call the FBI. Frenchie was a fan favorite contestant who was known for playing way too hard and fast during week one, which caused him to become the second evictee during week two. Although he won the first Head of Household (HOH) competition, his chaotic gameplay had him making promises to too many houseguests, which he inevitably couldn’t keep. After betraying his Slaughterhouse alliance, he was nominated for eviction by HOH Kyland Young, and eventually evicted by a vote of 11-1. However, Frenchie has never been forgotten by Big Brother fans and houseguests.

In a Facebook post, Frenchie revealed the dark side of his appearance on Big Brother 23, telling the story of a threat made against his children. He wrote, “Big Brother has some of the best fans in the world but they also have some of the most toxic. No matter what you do on Big Brother you are going to have fans threaten you, some even wish you dead! I had my farm threatened to be burned down, my kids lives were threatened to be killed to the point I had to get the FBI involved.” Frenchie went on to say, “People don’t know how to separate a TV show from the real person.”

Frenchie Would Compete On Big Brother Again “In A Heartbeat”

Despite the negative aspects of being in the public eye, Frenchie is willing to go through it again. He explained, “I’m not saying it’s at all bad and I would do it again in a heartbeat because I have NEVER let any of that stuff get to me because I have super thick skin and laugh at those idiots.” Frenchie also revealed that he’s “in talks” to appear in a movie role, “and I know it’s probably going to happen all over again and that’s ok.” Frenchie concluded his post by telling his fans that they’re good enough, special, and amazing, and that they should show the world what they’re made of.



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Although Frenchie was only a Big Brother houseguest for 16 days, the Tennessee farmer made a huge impact on the game. He’s often referenced by houseguests who want to avoid making his mistake of being in too many alliances after starting off the game strong with an HOH win. Frenchie made too many promises to too many people, which made him appear disloyal, untrustworthy, and fickle. Although he made mistakes, his in-your-face style of gameplay was a refreshing throwback to earlier seasons. He obviously came to play. However, Frenchie needed to channel his energy into a better strategy and should’ve had a lot more finesse.

Frenchie’s Facebook post is a reminder that Big Brother houseguests are real people, and fans should remember that. While all threats are unacceptable, children especially should be off-limits. Unfortunately, social media can be a toxic place when viewers have trouble separating TV from real life. Fans need to give the houseguests some grace. However, it’s good to hear that any negative aspects of being a reality show star won’t deter Frenchie from coming back to Big Brother in a future season. He has most likely learned from his mistakes, and it would be fun to see what Frenchie could do if he had a second chance to play Big Brother.


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