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This Was Your Favorite General Hospital Romance For Bobbie Spencer

Which man loved Bobbie as much as she deserved on GH?

Bobbie Spencer’s General Hospital death has sent us down Memory Lane, and all the wonderful scenes and stories we were lucky enough to watch the late Jacklyn Zeman play over her 45+ years in Port Charles. And, since love was always at the center of everything Bobbie ever did, we had to ask you: Who was her best romantic match?

Bobbie Spencer: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Only 3% of fans enjoyed Bobbie with lawyer Jake (Sam Behrens). He was a little too uptight and moralistic. Bobbie needed someone a bit more flexible when it came to good and bad. It’s clear he was never the one for her.

Remember Me?

Bobbie thought she lost the love of her life, Roy, the night Luke (Anthony Geary) raped Laura (Genie Francis). Yeah, that was a really busy night. A slightly larger 4% was delighted when he returned from the dead, played by A Martinez. But that reunion didn’t last long, either.

The Good Doctor

Noah (Rick Springfield) was sweet and sexy and a doctor (see what Springfield had to say about Zeman here). Bobbie loved him so much that she faked blindness to hold onto him, much to the approval of 11% of the viewers. When Noah found out, he was less impressed and dumped her.


The One That Got Away

Once upon a time, Bobbie was so in love with upstanding law student, Scotty (Kin Shriner), that she brought her brother to town to distract Scotty’s wife. We all know how that worked out. Even when Scotty became a lot less upstanding — and dropped that childish “y” from his name — he and Bobbie kept up their friendship. Sometimes it would turn into romance and then back to friendship. But, they always had a terrific chemistry, which 17% of you miss.

Heart of the Family

But for 65% of the audience, Bobbie was at her best with Tony (Brad Maule). They raised their son Lucas, mourned daughter BJ (find out how actress Brighton Hertford paid tribute), and would have likely stayed together forever if not for Carly deliberately coming between them. Carly ruined her mother’s chance at lifelong happiness with lies and grudges. Let’s see if that comes up when she mourns her.


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