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Tom Schwartz Debuts A New Tattoo — And We Have Questions (PHOTO)

The Vanderpump Rules cast member’s new ink left us wanting to know more.

Over the past year, Tom Schwartz has changed his look, including taking on a platinum blonde ‘do for a “new era.” Now, the Vanderpump Rules cast member has made another change: he’s added another tattoo to his body, this time to his inner right forearm.

Tom revealed the news of the new ink in a May 6 Instagram Story by snapping a shot of himself getting the design done by a tattoo artist Ari Przybos. In the photo, it appeared Tom was getting a tiny red heart shape on the inner side of his right forearm. Though the bar co-owner gave us some insight into his new ink with the Instagram Story, we still had some questions, considering it was only a snapshot.

We’re wondering … did Tom have the heart filled in, or was it just the outline of a heart? Also: does the tiny heart have any significance or occasion, or is it more of an impulse?

Hopefully, Tom will share more photos of his latest design!

Did Tom Schwartz get a tattoo for his new girlfriend, Sophia Skoro?

Speaking of questions about a tattoo, Tom recently had us wondering about some other ink he got on his arm in honor of his new girlfriend, Sophia Skoro.


During an April 16 appearance on The Viall Files, Tom talked about Sophia’s vintage clothing store, Shop Sosko. He then lifted up the sleeve of his shirt to reveal a tattoo that said “Shop Sosko.”

Nick Viall’s co-host (and his now-wife) Natalie Joy then clarified that the new tattoo was a henna tattoo, so the design was actually temporary.

Tom Schwartz reveals the only reason he would cover the “Bubba” tattoo he got for Katie Maloney
Tom’s new tiny heart tattoo isn’t the only permanent ink he’s gotten over the years.

A few years ago, Tom got a “Bubba” tattoo on his butt cheek in honor of Katie Maloney (“Bubba” was a term of endearment between the couple). During a live interview at BravoCon 2023, the Schwartz & Sandy’s co-owner revealed if he had plans to cover up the ink now that the two are divorced.

“Never,” Tom said. “Because that was such a special time in my life. It’s sacred, and I love Katie. Not ‘in’ love. But I still love her, and I cherish that time in my life. Unless she asks me to get rid of it. She’s the only person that would make me remove that tattoo. “


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