Tom Selleck, Star Of ‘Blue Bloods,’ Has Revealed A Major Update On The Next ‘Jesse Stone’ Film

Fans of Tom Selleck’s hit film franchise series Jesse Stone have been waiting for the latest – and final – installment of the Blue Bloods star’s hit film franchise series Jesse Stone for a long time. Now, the veteran actor has provided fans with an exciting sneak peek, updating viewers on the status of the long-awaited film.

“I’m still working on it!” says the author. Tom Selleck confirms to his fans that a new Jesse Stone film is in the works. However, Selleck notes that this film will deviate slightly from the rest of the popular film franchise.

“It’s not the same cumulative narrative anymore,” Tom Selleck says of Jesse Stone’s new role. Selleck explains that it was critical for the films to acknowledge that his character, Jesse Stone, has aged over time.

“As time goes on, I’ve gotten older, and the Jesse Stone audience needs to account for that,” the Blue Bloods star explains.

“He’s in a different stage of his life,” the actor adds.

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It’s an intriguing point of view, watching Jesse Stone age as anyone else would and seeing how the latest films reflect this. However, Selleck claims that this was not the franchise’s initial plan following the completion of the ninth installment years ago.

“That’s intriguing,” Selleck says of the new take on the beloved character.

“But that’s not the script we began working on after we finished the ninth film,” he adds. Selleck also mentions that Jesse Stone movies have long been associated with the Hallmark channel. However, he admits that this could change in the future.


“We’ve got a deal with Hallmark Channel,” Selleck says.

“But they’ve moved on to [other] shows,” he adds, noting that even if Hallmark does not pick up the latest Jesse Stone film, the show will still air!

“It’s sellable,” Tom Selleck says of Jesse Stone’s final film.

“If it’s not on Hallmark, we might end up somewhere else,” the actor says.

Since 2005, Tom Selleck’s popular ‘Jesse Stone’ franchise has been a success.

On the hit CBS television series Blue Bloods, Tom Selleck currently plays New York City Police Commissioner Frank Reagan. For decades, the veteran actor has undoubtedly been a fan favorite. Tom Selleck has become one of the most popular actors on both the big and small screens, with memorable roles ranging from playing the iconic Magnum P.I. in the 1980s to starring in some of our favorite films.

Among these roles is Sellecks’ portrayal of homicide detective Jesse Stone. This character and the franchise are based on Robert B. Parker’s popular novels. The first installment of the popular films debuted in 2005, and it now has a successful library of nine films. Tom Selleck, who plays the beloved homicide detective Jesse Stone in the hit Jesse Stone films, also serves as the series’ producer.

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