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What Should Nina Reeves Do About Carly’s General Hospital Secret?

Who in Port Charles should be the one to blow the whistle?

Nina Reeves knows Carly and Drew’s secret on General Hospital, the insider trading from when Aurora was set to merge with EQL. Drew wants to protect Carly. Drew does everything to protect Carly.

General Hospital Polling

Of course, Nina (Cynthia Watros) feels no such compulsion. Should she blow their subterfuge wide open? Here’s what over 3,000 voters think Nina should do.

Turn Her In Nina Reeves

Nina doesn’t owe Carly (Laura Wright) a darn thing, 5% remind. Especially not after Carly hid the fact she’s Willow’s (Katelyn Macmullen) mom for so long. Nina doesn’t owe Drew (Cameron Mathison) anything, either. He forgave Carly instantly. Well, Nina shouldn’t be as forgiving. She should turn them both in.

I’ve Got a General Hospital Secret

A more vicious 26% of you would like Nina to have some fun with what she knows. She shouldn’t just turn Carly in. What’s the fun of that? What Nina should do is toy with Carly. She should make it clear that she knows…and then she should make Carly wonder what Nina is going to do with that information.


Carly had no problem letting Nina twist in the wind, mourning the daughter she’d lost, not knowing there was another daughter right there in front of her. Nina should make Carly learn what that feels like.

Nina Reeves: The Bigger Woman

And then there is the 69% of the audience who hate drama and conflict. You think that Nina should just let the matter drop. No more conflict. Sure, Carly can call Nina names, and she can make sure Nina doesn’t get to see her grandchildren, and she can somehow make herself the victim in the whole story.

But let Nina consider the option of striking back, and suddenly it’s “let bygones be bygones.” Put down your weapons. Turn them into plowshares or something. It’s the nice thing to do. And Nina wants to prove how nice she is, doesn’t she?


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