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Where’s The Old Jamie? Blue Bloods Season 13 Lost Touch With The Character’s Heart

Sergeant Jamie Reagan was and is one of the key characters on Blue Bloods.

But more recently he perhaps has been overshadowed by other members of the Reagan family – the writers just don’t seem to like writing him very much.

In fact, poor treatment of Jamie is an increasingly common complain about the recent seasons of Blue Bloods, especially the current, thirteenth season.

Not only Jamie’s work storylines are relatively shallow, he gets hardly any personal ones as of late. As the result, his character became dull and serious, with not a hint of happiness or his previous warmth.

He’s even almost stopped smiling. Plots which involve him lack personal touch and connection.

Even when he gets shot in the first episode of Season 13 that, by and large, ends as a whole lot of nothing – soon enough he’s back on his feet, chasing street criminals, and the impact on the rest of the cast is minimal, because he already had relatively little interaction with everyone else.

Things aren’t helped by Jamie’s wife, and earlier, partner in the police work, Eddie, being consistently sanctimonious and stuck in the belief that she always right.


Come to think of it, that might be the in-setting reason why Jamie is no longer having fun with his life. Jokes aside, the writers’ insistence on giving her storyline and screentime is obviously leading them to sacrifice those of Jamie, doubly so as Jamie and Eddie have less interactions about their work than Danny Reagan and his wife (who is not a cop).

All this is sad to see, given that Jamie once was the second or third most popular character on the show (one of the three with their own dedicated Wikipedia pages, the other two being Frank and Danny), and still has a lot of fans.

It is unclear, whether this trend is ever going to change. Jamie’s fans can only hope that he’s going to get more love and attention from the showrunners in the future.


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