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Why Cameron Hardin Will Defy All The Odds To Win ‘Big Brother 25’

This zombie might just rise from the dead and take home $750,000…

Despite being evicted this past Thursday (September 21) in an 8-0 vote, alongside Jared Fields who was evicted in a 6-1 vote (garnering the support of his mother, Cirie Fields), both houseguests have returned to the Big Brother house this week as zombies, and one will reenter the competition once and for all this Thursday (September 28).

If Cameron manages to return to the game, chances are he will take home the $750,000 cash prize in the end, despite being on the bottom for the majority of the season — you guys remember Taylor Hale‘s journey to victory… right?

Keep scrolling to see a few reasons why Cameron Hardin will likely be crowned the champion of Big Brother 25, should he come out on the right side of the zombie twist.

First and foremost, Cameron is one of the most passionate players this season, consistently mentioning the $750,000 cash prize in the Diary Room, something that his fellow houseguests have failed to do (with the exception of Blue Kim).

As a stay-at-home dad, Cameron wants the money for something much bigger (or somebody much smaller) than himself — he wants to better the life of his daughter, Stevi Ray. How sweet is that?

Avoiding eviction after eviction, Cameron is playing Big Brother as hard as he can, and he is willing to do anything it takes to make sure he will take home the victory, and we all remember him backstabbing his number one ally earlier this season, do we not?

Second of all, Cameron has proven himself to be a competition beast, winning two Head of Household competitions, one Power of Veto competition, and coming close on numerous other occasions.

Given his track record, should Cameron reenter the Big Brother house, he will likely take home another Head of Household win. He has proven time and time again he is not afraid to go after some huge threats, so who do you think the Georgia native would target during his HoH reign?

Cameron has proven numerous times that he is truly playing the game for himself, and we don’t fault him for that whatsoever — in fact, we admire it!

In addition to this, Cameron would be reentering the game in a great position due to his alliance with with Jag Bains and Matt Klotz called “The Fugitives” (if that is real, of course).

With his “The Chillers” alliance member, Red Utley, out of the house, as well as staying neutral in regards to the feud between Cory Wurtenberger and Jared Fields, Cameron could easily coast his way to the top, using his relationships with Jag and Matt — we will just have to wait and see what happens!


Last, but certainly not least, if Cameron were to make it to the finale of Big Brother 25, he could have a win similar to that of Chris Underwood on Survivor: Edge of Extinction.

Chris Underwood is one of the most controversial winners in Survivor history, spending 26 days on the Edge of Extinction, winning his way back into the competition on day 35, and still taking home $1 million and the title of “Sole Survivor” in the end. After getting eliminated on day 9, how did he manage to pull off the victory?

As soon as Chris won the challenge to return to the game, he hit the ground running, winning the final immunity challenge, but risking his safety to compete in one of the most infamous final four fire-making challenges of all time. In an extremely risky move, the South Carolina native made fire against Rick Devens, one of the best players the franchise has ever seen, ultimately knocking out the frontrunner of the season.

Given the game-changing moves that he made in such a short period of time, Chris was still seen as a better competitor than runner-ups Gavin Whitson and Julie Rosenberg, causing him to be awarded the title of “Sole Survivor” in a 9-4-0 vote.

If Cameron wins the competition on Thursday (September 28), he could have a very similar journey to that of Chris Underwood — he will undoubtedly return to the game stronger than ever before!

While we are confident that if Cameron stays he will take home the $750,000 cash prize, this Thursday’s episode of Big Brother will determine whether or not he will be walking out the door for good.

Although last night’s episode left fans on a cliffhanger, chatter on the Big Brother live feeds implies that Cameron won the Resurrection Rumble competition, ultimately leaving him with one major decision.

With a challenge on the horizon that determines their fate in the game, Cameron can either decide to play himself or choose for Jared to play. If the competing houseguest wins, then they will reenter the Big Brother house once and for all. On the other hand, if the competing houseguest loses, then the other zombie will get their game resurrected — the stakes are at an all time high!


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