General Hospital

Will Robert’s Angels Save The World On General Hospital?

This GH trio is ready for action.

When ex-wives Holly Sutton and Anna Devane gave him a kiss on both cheeks before leaving to bring Victor Cassadine to his knees, they made it clear that they would do whatever they wanted regardless of whether he wanted it or not. General Hospital viewers were treated to that stunning Robert Scorpio grin. This is the collaboration we’ve been yearning, and now that Felicia has joined us, we have all the elements of Robert’s Angels in Port Charles.

General Hospital: Big, Blonde, and Beautiful

Felicia (Kristina Wagner) can be Farrah Fawcett. Or Cheryl Ladd. Or Shelley Hack. Basically, the blonde. Felicia can be the blonde. She is spirited and smart and sexy and blonde. She is also the one most likely to be left behind when the serious sleuthing needs to be done.

GH Amateur Hour

Holly (Emma Samms) is not an official WSB agent. Even Felicia has a Private Investigator’s license. Holly is just a very enthusiastic volunteer. She uses her background as a con artist to help out the WSB when she can. And while all of the Angels were professionals — it says so, right in the opening narration – Kelly (Jaclyn Smith) always felt a little bit like she was slumming.


Or, rather, that she was making a conscious choice. There were so many other things she could have been doing. She had so many other skills. And yet, she chose to fight for truth, justice, and the American Way. This makes Holly our Kelly.

General Hospital: Pro Rate

And then there’s Sabrina (Kate Jackson). Sabrina was brilliant, logical, and professional. Sure sounds like Anna (Finola Hughes) to us. Anna is the ex-agent. Sure, her past is sketchy. But she’s made amends for her bad old days and is now on the straight and narrow. She should definitely be leading this team. And not just because she has the most personal interest in saving Victor’s (Charles Shaughnessy) hostages.


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