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Big Brother 25 Spoilers: Is Jag Planning To Cut Matt At Fainal 4?

Jag Bains holds all the power this week on “Big Brother 25” as the special Sunday eviction arrives to send out the sixth Juror and move us to the Final 3 stage of the season. This means he has a very important decision to make: cut or keep Matt Klotz?

Matt and Jag have been working together for so long in this season. Matt is the reason Jag is back in the game after being evicted by 10-0 in Week 4. They’ve watched out for each other and made a very strong duo that have in large part controlled the last third of the season. But is it strong enough to make it to the end?

Last night on the Feeds Jag spoke with Bowie Jane at length about the decision ahead and while it appears he knows what he must do with his Veto power and sole vote on Sunday, we’re not yet sure if he’ll do it, or at least not yet.

Flashback to 11:30 PM BBT 11/3 to find Jag and Bowie talking. She asks Jag if he has a F2 with Matt and Jag explains they’ve been working together since way back. Jag goes on to explain that he worries how Matt will react if he has to cut him. Would he lose Matt’s Jury vote? Jag worries he might. Jag also retells what Felicia has been claiming to him about Matt wanting Jag out. Bowie says she hasn’t heard these talks from Matt, but offers that if given the chance at F3 she would cut Matt and keep Jag.

Both think Matt is too well liked by the Big Brother Jury not to win if he reaches the F2 chairs. It’s not a bad concern on their part. Jag notes his game has been sloppy and he’s right. Jag has overdone much of his moves, but he’s been effective and he’s dominated competitions. In fact, Jag now holds the single season Veto win record at seven victories. That’s impressive!

Bowie goes straight to the point and asks are they voting out Felicia or Matt. Jag says it should be Felicia, but he seems to not be 100% on that thought as he says he is still thinking it through. He points out it’ll be easier for him to reach F2 with Bowie if they cut Matt now over Felicia as he claims Bowie Jane is his F2 goal. Well, it should be. And really, cutting Matt now should be what he does.


Later on, just before bedtime, Bowie asks Jag again what he is thinking of doing. He says he’ll feel guilty if he cuts Matt but he’s trying to separate out the game and personal decisions. Jag admits Matt deserves to be in the BB25 Final 3 over Felicia. Their conversation rests there.

What do you think? Will Jag cut Matt on Sunday night (eviction episode is 10/9c on 11/5)? Jag holds the sole vote over the Matt versus Felicia decision. If he doesn’t do it now then he’ll have to do it at F3 and there’s no guarantee he’ll get a repeat of this power position. The obvious strategic decision is yes, to ease Jag’s path to F2 he should cut Matt. It’d be a cake walk in the Final HOH three rounds against Felicia in comparison and if Jag is hoping to instead cut Matt at that point instead of now then the only reason to delay is to simply to delay the inevitable. Do it. Do it now.

Hang on, we’re not advocating that it’s “good” or “right” for Jag to do this, purely objectively speaking that if Jag’s goal is to reach F2 with Bowie then there’s no reason aside from personal guilt to keep Matt.

Would Matt do this in return if the positions were switched? No, we don’t think so. We think Matt would Cody himself to Jag’s Derrick given the F3 –> F2 choice. We don’t think Jag would do the same though. Just look at how he cut allies along the way when it flashed a moment of convenience. Taking the personal side out of things, that’s how it should be played, maybe just not as messy as Jag has done it.


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