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‘Blue Bloods’ Prefer Jackie Over Baez Every Time

Danny Reagan may have missed a few opportunities along the way, but he was never short on potential romantic partners.

Fans wished for some of Detective Danny Reagan’s partners to become closer to him over the course of his career.

When Danny and his partner were on-screen together for more than a few seconds, Blue Bloods fans knew it was fate and began shipping them.

Despite the fact that Danny has worked with a number of stunning coworkers, the vast majority of the show’s audience is divided into two distinct groups.

One of them wants Danny to get back together with his current partner, Maria Baez, while the other wants him to get back together with Jackie Curatola, with whom he used to work.

Blue Bloods saw the latter group awaken from its slumber amid rumors of Jackie’s possible return.

They claim that with Jackie back on the show and Danny admitting to being ready to move on in his relationship, the long-awaited pairing is now unavoidable.

They have a valid point. Jackie and Maria are very different, and Danny clearly had some chemistry with both of them, but he seemed more relaxed and… Didn’t he have a relationship with Jackie?


“Jackie praised Danny as a partner. They have very similar personalities, so they get along well. Danny is a better person because of Baez. Unlike Jakie, she “pushes back and tries to keep Danny in line,” Reddit user StevenArviv observes.

On this hill, they are not alone.

Most, if not all, fan discussions about Danny’s potential romantic lines feature a slew of people defending Danny and Jackie’s relationship.

The chemistry between the two has always been fantastic, and many fans have stated that they have shipped these two together since day one and continue to do so.

For a long time, it seemed like a pipe dream — but ever since the recent rumors of Jackie Curatola’s return, Daez-sided fans have felt threatened.

After all, there’s hardly any other reason for Jackie to return other than to continue their paused but not forgotten romantic line with Danny, is there?


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