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Blue Bloods Fans Are Thrilled Over Lyle Lovett’s S13 Return

Lyle Lovett has accomplished a lot in his career, from winning Grammy awards to acting in various, high-rated titles. Judging by the fan reaction to his return to the CBS police procedural, his turn as Waylon Gates on “Blue Bloods” could be a solid contender for one of his most popular roles.

Waylon Gates first appeared on the series in Season 10, Episode 4, “Fog of War,” and he returned in 2022 in Season 12, Episode 10, “Old Friends,” but he hasn’t been seen again until recently. Fortunately for fans, after it was teased Lovett would come back someday, the Texas Ranger reunited again with Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) in Season 13, Episode 15, “Close to Home.”

This time around, Gates escorts drug cartel kingpin Diego ‘El Granjero’ Rodriguez (Carlos Gómez) to court in New York, and the actor playing the old-school lawman is a fan of working with those two individuals.

“Working with Donnie Wahlberg and Carlos Gómez was a privilege,” Lovett posted on Twitter. Many viewers were also quick to share how they felt about Lovett’s return, like @Ruth_A_Day, who showed the actor some love on Twitter.

“Great episode tonight,” @Ruth_A_Day posted. “Love seeing you on #BlueBloods, Lyle!”

Other followers of the show didn’t hold back regarding their thoughts about the character’s comeback, like @DDUBGIRL69, who posted about the appeal of the dynamic duo teaming up, and the praise did not end there.

Viewers love how Gates gives Blue Bloods a western feel

Season 13 of “Blue Bloods” attracted an impressive amount of viewers, and many of them were excited to see Lyle Lovett back in action as Waylon Gates, such as @SkipperChic, who had no hesitation to share what it was like seeing the Texas Rangers return.

“Soooo good,” @SkipperChic posted. “Always love when Lyle makes an appearance on #BlueBloods!” Just having Gates enter the frame itself isn’t what got fans truly worked up over his appearance. For many, it’s what he adds to the episode. T he cowboy vibe he brings to the table gives the police procedural a western feel when he’s on screen. That is why fans love it when Gates shows up in town.


“I love that Lyle is back!,” @tweetforNKOTB wrote in a Twitter. “So excited!!! Maybe we can see some #CowBerg again tonight?”

Another user, @LunaTunes08, hoped his presence would bring out a little cowboy in one of the show’s main players, Reagan. While Twitter was busy praising the cowboy aspect of things, fans on Reddit had some surprising thoughts regarding the character’s comeback.

Some Reddit users thinks Waylon Gates should get a Sunday dinner invite

While Twitter was busy with people responding to the hype surrounding the return of Lyle Lovett’s Waylon Gates, Reddit had some of their own intriguing thoughts on Lovett’s appearance. While there was plenty of expected praise, like from u/DaveOJ12, others, like u/lottoman1948, went into a bit more detail as to why it was such a pleasure to have the actor participate in the police procedural alongside Donnie Wahlberg.

“I always enjoy the Ranger Gates episodes with Danny and [Lyle] exchanging quips about living in NYC vs TX,” u/lottoman1948 posted.

While those comments and opinions are arguably accurate considering how much fanfare the persona has received, one individual went a step further. U/AlanHughErnest believes that while having Gates on the case is great TV, having him receive a certain invitation to an infamous Sunday affair could very well have extremely entertaining results.

“Lyle should be invited to Sunday a dinner,” u/AlanHughErnest wrote.

While not everyone is deserving of a place at the prestigious Reagan family dinner, if there was ever a person to seem like a worthy candidate for such an honor, it seems there are some out there who believe Waylon Gates deserves a seat at the table.


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